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Oxford Gets Bumped from the Top of Annual League Table

Read Peter Gale latest blog post about top Universities below. Peter Gale is based in Godalming and has established a long and noteworthy career in education. Having been in the field for more than 20 years now, he has taken on numerous roles that helped him get a better understanding and a more intimate look on the state of the educational system in the country. Passionate and driven, he has always aimed at delivering positive changes to the various schools that he had been a part of.
For the eighth consecutive year, Cambridge has beaten Oxford from the top of the annual league table comprising of UK universities. The 2019 rankings for the Complete University Guide measures universities based on ten measures that included graduate prospects, student satisfaction, and research among others.

The third spot was claimed by LSE or the London School of Economics. Meanwhile, rounding up the top four is the Imperial College London. Based on the rankings, the biggest climber was Stafford University. The rankings showed that it climbed up 32 places where it is now sitting at the 73rd joint.

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While it is true though that both Cambridge and Oxford are always expected to hold the top spot, this may not always be the case. There is a very good chance that other universities could challenge them. The possibility of the top two getting unseated is always plausible. For instance, it would be worth noting that there are areas where both the top two big names were beaten by other universities on the ranking. This is especially true in terms of research quality where LSE and Imperial College London actually finished ahead of both Cambridge and Oxford.

According to the people involved in the collation of the data and ordering the rankings, there were a total of about 20 universities in the country that could be regarded as world-class. This also included such modern institutions as Lancaster and Warwick. All these universities are not only able to attract faculty globally, but they are also known to draw support for research funding from sources across the globe too.

The guide has been published every year since 2007. It was compiled through the use of data that is publicly available. They are then produced by Mayfield University Consultants. They have also been the name behind the league tables that appear in the Good University Guide for The Times.

According to the authors of the guide, the number of the graduating students that have a first-class honors degree or an upper second-class one have increased notably year after year since the ranking has since first been created. This seems to be the case for almost all universities involved. This means that either the students are working harder or that they are being taught better. Keep up to date with Peter Gale and Godalming news here, Follow Peter Gale on Pinterest here  and Read Peter Gale from Godalming reviews here. 

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